Wednesday, April 4

HP on the skids?

We bought Karla a new computer recently because her old one ran on kerosene which was getting harder to find and the hand crank broke again. Besides it stunk up the house because the burner was partly plugged up and it smoked as a result. Her shiny brand new Apple iMac needed printer drivers, so I successfully downloaded the one for our old Brother laser printer, then tried to get the drivers for the almost-new HP inkjet printer. I couldn’t manage to get the drivers from HP, and the Apple site which promised every driver you could think of couldn’t provide one either.

It reminds me of what a friend once told me: If your ink cartridges go dry, dump the printer. It’s cheaper. I guess it’s the same for software. That’s no way to run a company, but when that company hires a failed California gubernatorial candidate as CEO, well—the writing is on the wall.


Luke said...

I thought the candidate was a failed senate candidate, wasn't Meg the Ebay exec?

Tom Hurley said...

Nope, she ran for governator and spent a whole lot of her money doing it. She ran Ebay also.

Daffy said...

just for once; money didn't buy everything; i'm out of the loop; but she MUST have been complete rubbish to lose after throwing 160 MILLION smack-er-roos at...anything; and getting a result!?