Monday, April 23

Progress keeps progressing

Today John, the forms guy, put up the forms and rebar for the water tank platform and the well site. He will return soon with a ready mix truck and concrete pump to fill the forms.

Two leach lines to be used alternately
Meanwhile Thurman and Chad trimmed trees and widened the approach to the tank site so the concrete pouring can go as scheduled. They had the septic tank system prepared with the leach lines on their deep gravel beds, waiting for Samantha to come and inspect their work for the county. She signed it off and they then buried all their nice work. I asked Thurman if he ever felt sad to see all his work covered up with only some risers poking out of the ground as reminders that a human hand had done some beautiful things there. “No,” he said. “As long as I don’t have to dig it up it again I’m happy.”

The two vertical pipes have the valves to switch from one leach line to the other.
The green riser is one of two so you don't have to dig deep to pump the tank.
He showed us how to switch from one leach line to the other, and suggested we do it annually. “I remember to do it on my system by making it part of my wife’s birthday celebration,” he said with a hearty “wink wink” laugh.

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