Thursday, April 26

Some ditch!

This morning it was raining at the house. I went outside and thought I heard machinery working down at the new house site, but thought it wouldn’t be too smart to be working while it’s pouring rain. Besides we have a policy: Don’t be driving on our road while it’s raining unless absolutely necessary. It messes it up way too much.

It turns out that not only were they working, they dug the entire thousand plus feet of trench for our water lines. And put in a big t-post made from 6-inch steel pipe for the solar panels!

Wow. Can’t wait for tomorrow.


Daffy said...

GREAT pictures; just lapping all this construction up... also; LOVE the precious few weeks of SPRING in the foothills (being ex-Auberry-ite)...then the baking....

luke said...

An awe inspiring moment, progress being made.