Monday, April 23

Taking a chance

On the way back to the house from the new house site, I spotted a huge puffball at the base of an oak tree. Big as a grapefruit, it was still firm which means it’s ready to eat! If we had waited even one more day, it would have started to soften and darken and become the most amazing thing—a wrinkly-skinned ball with purple dust inside, the dust being billions of fungus spores.
There's the dinner bell--gotta go!
Our friend Audrey assured us that puffballs, unlike so many of our indigenous mushroom species, are safe to eat. But just in case this is a false puffball, please read this blog tomorrow. If there isn’t a new entry, call 911 and tell them that the wild and crazy dippies at the end of the ghastly road have done themselves in once again.


HHhorses said...

Our cell tower is down, so I can't call you and see if you're dead tomorrow morning. Be sure to blog!

Tom Hurley said...

Hi HHhorses! So faar thinggs seeme okaay. We're doig jut fin an it''s aaall r r igh tt…

I''l be suerr to bl og tom":æ fer surr

o k