Sunday, April 22

Lots of serendipity

We had to go to a meeting on Friday so we couldn’t stay to watch the septic tank get placed. We did get to watch Chad level the bottom of the hole with his flat shovel, guided by his laser device. What a neat tool! (The laser, not the shovel.) His dad was lowering the tank into the hole as we left for a packer’s meeting south of Visalia.
Laser-guided flat shovel
Coming home Saturday afternoon, we saw that the tank was already in place.
Bye Bye, bluey. We hope to never see you again.
We came back with a couple of interesting things. One, a brand new trailer-mounted generator for Florence Lake. We had to order it several months ago to get it in time to open the store this spring. It’s a Whisperwatt that we bought through United Rentals. This brand is their favorite because they are so reliable. When you’re renting stuff, you don’t want to keep fixing stuff.

Controls! Lights! Knobs! Dials! Switches! Gauges!
Be still my heart!

 The second item is a gorgeous 8" Meade telescope that my brother-in-law, Lee, gave to us. He is an advanced amateur astronomer and hoped to find a good home for the telescope which he is no longer using. It was delivered to us by my nephew Nate, Lee’s son, who brought it up from Fullerton to his place at Three Rivers. It was a 45-minute hop for him to bring it to us in Visalia, very serendipitous!

Last week our friend/neighbor Candy went with Karla to a little hole-in-the-wall antique store in Oakhurst. They found some beautiful solid maple doors that we can use in our house. The shop owner’s husband owns the local door store, and was looking for a home for these doors he bought from another door business that had folded. The price was the kicker, about one-sixth what they’re worth. They were already bored for door knobs and routed for hinges so they had to find just the right home. I went over our house plans and discovered that they not only fit the left-hand right-hand requirements, but that they were the exact quantity we needed! Amazing serendipity.

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