Tuesday, April 3

No rocks!

We had a “perc test” performed today. Three holes were dug in the area where we intend to put a septic tank and leach line. Thurmond expertly used his backhoe to dig trenches 11 to 12 feet deep in order to find out what the soil is like. Each hole turned up the very best kind of substrate we could ask for—decomposed granite. It was like coarse sand, perfect for burying a septic tank and leach field.
DEEP hole
So perfect, like coarse sand
Three holes prove the choice of location is perfect
The most surprising thing to us is that in all that soil there was not a single rock! We are so used to dulling our shovels when we dig at our house a mile north. For example, in order to put in a gate post nearer our existing house I dug a three-foot-deep hole entirely with a rock bar since there was almost no soil holding the rocks together.

The county inspector (Dexter the Inspexter) agreed that we have perfect soil for our septic system. A very good start! Now if only we could get someone to bring in a tank for us. The local place that made them doesn’t anymore, and the other sellers don’t want to haul a heavy concrete tank all the way to our place, so we will have to use a polyethylene tank instead. Most installers don’t like them as well as the concrete kind, but as far as the inspector is concerned, they’re just as good.

The bill for three holes, $400.

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