Monday, January 7

Broken ankle

Sorry I missed blogging yesterday, but I broke my ankle. Just kidding. Actually I've never broken anything more than a fingernail, and that was when I was too aggressive digging out a hard booger.

We shop at a supermarket in a nearby town, and have been patrons of Raley's since they put in their southernmost store in Oakhurst in 1981. We've gotten to know a lot of the people there, and some have become good friends. One, a checkstand icon, loves to go fishing whenever she can. Sometimes she goes to some pretty challenging places off in the wilds in pursuit of the big ones. A few weeks back, we were told that she had broken her ankle. In three places! Wow, that's serious. As I thought about it later, I wondered—If I were to go to a place and break my ankle, why would I go to two more places and break my ankle again…and again.…

That's a little too masochistic don't you think?

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