Tuesday, January 29

From the Funny Pages…Part 4

Whenever I read in a newspaper that a town is going to get a new California Highway Patrol station, the first thing that pops to mind is, “How many square feet?” That’s what I love about our local twice-weekly paper—they put it right there in the headline! Not only that, in the article they state that the new station will have “20,000 of above ground fuel storage.” They didn’t mention 20,000 of what, but I’m not going to quibble.

How about construction details? Well, hear this: The 9,500-square-foot upper level will include, among other things, an ammunition storage room. Cool. Problem is, the upper level sits atop the lower level which, according to the article, is only 3,900 square feet. Hope it doesn’t sag at the corners, what with the weight of all those bullets upstairs. The building will be constructed in a way that follows “all applicable state and county codes and regulations, including the State Fire Marshal.” Whew! Had me worried. The article states that the lower level will have an equipment issue room and a raincoat room.

Read the article for yourself, but first know that it’ll cost you $2.95.

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