Thursday, January 24

It’s been a very busy day

This morning I got up at 6:30 after a couple of hours listening to the distinctive sound of snow falling on the roof. Rain has a steady staccato sound, hail is more insistent, but snow has an uneven thudding sound caused by clumps of it falling from the twigs and branches of the oak tree that overhangs the roof. Plus there’s the general silence that engulfs the space since snow absorbs the usual echoes of rural/mountain/wilderness-ness.

Much time was spent on the computer, reading and digesting a 75-page report from the National Security Space Office regarding the feasibility of space-based solar power. I was asked for my opinion of this project by a nephew, a film producer. He wanted to know what I thought because, as a child living with my family for a brief time, he regarded me as a “grumpy genius.” He is looking to make a film about the idea. He is also aware that I put together a very successful earth-bound solar power system, our only power source here in the boonies.

Then I had to read through and figure out a response to a pending court decision regarding the ending of the use of horses in the wilderness of California (and eventually the entire United States). This is important to me because my source of income is, in large part, horse-related at a vacation retreat in the wilderness of the Sierra. Putting together a defense against the wishes of a frankly biased-against-horse-use judge on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal in California will be difficult.

So that's why I don’t have the usual stupid post for today. Sorry. I’ll return to my rotting mind self before too long. Right now I have to prepare for the world-wide celebration of my birthday tomorrow.

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Susan said...

Wow. That sounds impressive. Let us know how the review goes, and how you celbrated your world wide event in the boonies.