Monday, January 28

Get the joke?

So far, only one person has gotten the joke. My post of January 23, “What were they smoking?” implies the question, What is the significance of the logo of the farmer and his donkey? Of course the person who got it is a genius (my daughter). Anybody else? I’m anxiously waiting. By the way, coffee isn't really significant in the farmer’s occupation, I just plagiarized and modified the logo of Juan Valdez, the representative for Columbian Coffee for what—30 years? So the question is why would my logo of a farmer stroking his donkey with bath tissue better represent the product than a gray-haired lady clad in ermine with a crown on her noggin? Click on the Comments link and give me your best.


Pete S. said...

I should have known there was a joke lurking there, but didn't. I now see that it is appropriate to stroke one's a** with a**paper.

Susan said...

Arghhh - I didn't get it till Pete commented.

Tom Hurley said...

Okay. Here it is from the source—Juan is wiping his ____.