Wednesday, January 2

Hay day

We had to go to town for a load of hay for the 32 hungry beasties that we feed every day. The local feed stores here in the foothills didn't have anything but alfalfa. Our horses love alfalfa, but it used to kill at least one of them every year when we fed only alfalfa to them; they colic (a twisted gut). Some people describe alfalfa as a "hot" feed. When horses come off a diet of meadow grass, alfalfa is just too rich for them.

So we drove down the hill to Sanger where they always have a good selection of oat hay, two kinds of grass hay, and alfalfa. We've been feeding grass hay, 200 bales worth so far since October, but we decided to switch to oat so we can get some seeds in the ground ready for a series of big rainstorms coming Thursday night. Might as well have something to show for our money besides fat horses.

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