Saturday, January 26

To all you horses-in-the-wilderness lovers/haters

We are being challenged for having horses in the wilderness. Not good. Horses built the wilderness long before it was even called wilderness. North America is the source of horses, for criminy sakes. And they inhabited the wilderness long before two-leggers (humans) were even invented. Check out this link, and if you can, please attend the opening at 7PM on Friday, February 1, 2008.

Mimi Plumb is a terrific photographer. She has taken more pictures of our horses than any living human (beside Hilary Hurley). And they’re terrific pictures, worthy of your purchasing for your soon to be extremely valuable private collection.

Address: 47 E. William St, San Jose California.

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Susan said...

What? Who is trying to ban horses from the wilderness?? What for? Do their hooves do more damage than, say, deer? Do they eat more crops than, say, rabbits? Does their poop take more time to decompose than, say, bears'? Are they louder than, say, a coyote?? I'm confused.