Wednesday, April 30

Hey bloke, the oak broke

This morning we headed for the two big cities in our lives, Oakhurst and Fresno. We took two vehicles, the Dodge truck and the Toyota SUV. One was for getting two cubic yards (1.5 cubic meters) of garden mulch and the other for a week’s worth of food. Guess which for what. On the way out our road, I didn’t notice anything unusual, but on the way back at 6PM (1800 hours metric) I saw that a tree located on the place where we would like to build a new house has “parted out” seriously. The tree, which we named the Monarch Tree on our new-house site plans, must have succumbed to some pretty fierce winds we are experiencing today. In the photo Karla is assessing the quality of wood for its firewood potential. Good grief! We’re going to have to build a whole ’nother wood shed for all the trees that are self-destructing. Or maybe go in to the firewood-selling business.

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