Wednesday, April 9

A day off for all

Today Karla took our guests on a hike to see the lower part of the ranch. They learned that some of the local plants are not only edible, but tasty. Miner’s lettuce, of course, but also pepper grass and popcorn flowers. They got to see and pet six horses, then returned this afternoon for a lunch of hot dogs. Altogether a perfect day. The two kids played with the wagon, charging full blast down the last part of the driveway at breakneck (hope not) speed, rode the bike back and forth in front of the house, and ran the radio-controlled toy car till the battery died several times. They helped me plant a few flowers in pots for the Great Wall till I finally decided that many of the flowers we bought really need full sun. The apricot tree is getting way huge, so I had better get more shade-tolerant varieties or otherwise end up with some pretty scraggly plants. So instead of continuing the gardening, I decided to go in the house and listen to stories of what it’s like to escape Communist Poland in the late seventies. Good stories.

Which leads me to today’s point to ponder: Why do they put a leather patch across the palms of gloves? That part never wears out!


Pete S. said...

Maybe the palms of the gloves never wear out _because_ of the patches on them? Or is this a trick question?

Tom Hurley said...

Knowing me, could it be anything but a trick question?