Monday, April 28

Testing, testing, one two three…

This evening nine horses came by to see if they like the new Great Wall. Three at a time, they sniffed all of our flowering plants, took a teensy bite of some of them to confirm that their noses had told them the truth—inedible stuff. Good. Now I can go back to sleep when I hear them stomping too close at night.

Today I started with the string trimmer to rid the place of weeds. We have to clear 100 feet or 30 meters around any buildings so it will be quite a task to get ready for wildfire season. A lot of the grass is still green, so I welcome the horses in to munch it down as much as they want since it clogs the trimmer if it’s still too green. Dry weeds are no problem.

Karla made a trip to the local dump (transfer station, actually—dumps are history) to get rid of a bad old refrigerator and some plastic buckets we hauled out of the high country. As backhaul, she brought home a truckful of chipped redwood bark to use for mulch around the trees. We will probably need another three loads to do what’s needed to cut down on the use of water this summer. It’s that old problem: Plant ten cute little trees, and pretty soon you have ten cute big trees and your well didn’t get any deeper to compensate for the additional water needed to keep them going. Mulching is mandatory.

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