Sunday, April 13

Oh me, oh my!

In the Sunday edition of the Fresno Bee newspaper, a sobering article. Turns out the reason the San Joaquin Valley has so much smog is because — there are too many plants!

Agriculture is apparently producing four times as much hydrocarbon as vehicles. Oh me, oh my.

Nothing happened here around the lower ranch today except four guests left to be replaced by two new ones, but they left too. Plants got watered, fish fed, the dog medicated, the cat hated even more — the usual. Horses were heard neighing in the distance, coyotes howled, and the new neighbor who flies his own plane up from Rolling Hills Estates in southern California shot his new rifle a few times, making it sound like we were living back in Hollywood in the old days.


Praying Horse said...

Hi Tom - your downhill relations here! About the socal neighbor, sounded like he was trying to take out every ground squirrel in Madera County. Made me avoid walking to the mailbox today to check for stuff.

Mosquitoes are out and about putting the only downside to a perfectly splendid weekend. Just call me Miss Itchy.

Hey, I've just started blogging too - ain't it grand?


Tom Hurley said...

Hi Miss Itchy. The mosquitoes haven’t gotten this far north yet. Thanks for the warning! BTW, I like your blogs.