Saturday, April 26

Let the season begin

It was warmer outside the house than inside, so I decided to open some windows and doors to let the fresh air in. When I opened the front door, I thought it might be wise to see if anything potentially unwelcome was around, and spotted this little guy. He/she is probably two pencils long, and has only a single button on the tail, rather than a real rattle. It takes a few sheddings of skin to get an audible rattle. The picture shows the snake in a white bucket; our standard procedure is to capture and release, though I’m sure many of the the neighbors would kill first, then put it in a bucket. We take the snakes to anywhere that there aren’t any cattle or horses and release them. As far as we can tell, they don’t return, although I did have quite a time catching one a few years ago who seemed to recognize me and ran off and hid in some shrubbery. Never did find that one. Normally a rattlesnake is about the easiest wild animal to catch, kind of like snails. They just lie there and maybe rattle furiously, but that’s all. Pretty tame stuff, boring in fact. Yawn.

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Susan said...

Reminds me of the time we were out walking in front of our house and had to get off the road to make way for a centipede that was probably the same size as your rattler. We have a philosophy - if it's not in the house, leave it alone - it's in its own territory. If it's in the house, that's our territory. Sometimes we let dangerous things have a second chance even then by catching and releasing, but if they come back to our territory after that then they may not get any more chances.