Friday, April 4


Wall done, get it? Heh heh. It happened today. After seven days (700 centidays metric) we piled tons (tonnes, metric) of rock and dirt and sweat and tears and blood (mostly type O+) and finished our 45-foot (13.7m) wall (walle?).

Glasses of good draft beer all around. Happiness all around. The dog, who had been so patient as we ignored her wishes while we worked finally demanded to go back in the house because she really had to pee.

Tomorrow we have to figure out where to plant menacing things to keep the horses from using this wall for rock climbing practice. Maybe really nasty spiky things like agaves, with their put-your-eye-out spines at the ends of their thorn-laced thick fleshy leaves. We are figuring that if there is a barrier row of plants, nothing will use the wall as a sidewalk for at least a couple of years. After that, the little critters like insects and worms and rodents will have packed all the interstices with soil and the whole wall will solidify into a single indestructible mass and last for at least a thousand years (1 kiloyear metric).

After discovering the local market for the brass we’ve been finding in our big quartz chunks, and the possibility of putting the rock shaped exactly like Wyoming (or Colorado, depending on your perspective) on eBay and making a killing, we’re really jazzed about the future.

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Susan said...

Congratultaions! (English) Bravo! (Euro) Onya, mate! (Aussie) It looks terrific.

Thanks for the metric conversions thoughout this building project. It made the imagining of the dimensions that much easier. Though kilodays and kiloyears may not ever catch on, even downunder.