Thursday, April 24

Gary Larson lives in the Wall

Staring right back at me as I looked out the kitchen window this morning was a face that could only have been created by Gary Larson. It had been there in the Great Wall, unnoticed, for weeks. We humans have a tendency to anthropomorphize (the attribution of human characteristics or behavior to a god, animal, or object, metric) just about everything we see, but I don’t know how often we do it in the style of a particular artist. Now I will have to find more. An excellent article on Larson’s career is found here. I just ordered his There’s a hair in my dirt! A worm’s story. Shows you where I come from.

Postscript: I got the book. It’s a hoot! Highly recommended for those who love wildlife and would like to understand how to deal with it. One of Larson’s best!


Susan said...

That's amazing!! Great shot! Unfortunately the link didn't work. If Larsen is still alive, maybe you should send this shot to him.

Glad you are back.

Susan said...

Yep, Wikipedia says he is still alive, anyway

Tom Hurley said...

I fixed the link.