Thursday, April 3

We hit the 67¢ mark today

Forty-four feet is the final measure of the Great Wall of Bailey Flats (13.5 meters for those readers outside of Borneo). Tomorrow is finish and detail work, like adding cute little touches that surprise the viewer when noticed: “Oh, how spiffy! You guys are great!”

When the wall is finished, that frees up the truck to go get some gravel for the driveway. We can probably haul a cubic yard at a time, three-quarters of a cubic meter. (If you’re wondering why I go to the extraordinary trouble to give measures in both Regular [American and Bornean] and Other-World, it’s because I have loyal readers Down Under. Even though most of them originally came from the US, by now they’ve probably been totally brainwashed into Metric, which, by the way, was invented by the French, of all people! Oh well, I still like their fries. And toast. Their kisses aren’t bad either.) Besides I feel kind of cosmopolitan speaking both languages of measure, but not French.

The Dodge 4-wheel-drive diesel can haul a yard of gravel without breaking a sweat. It’s a remarkable vehicle; even though it weighs almost 7,000 pounds (3,175 kilos), it still averages about 25MPG (10km/l) on the highway, and that’s fully loaded.

More later. Stay tuned.


hhhorses said...

What a great wall! Wow! Can we get you to come here and build us one? There are plenty of rocks in Death Valley, though the Park will probably give you a $100 fine for each one you remove. But you might find enough gold to pay that, and more.

Your truck gets 25mpg LOADED with gravel?? Can we trade?

Pat said...

What a beautiful wall. It makes me homesick for Up the Hill in Coarsegold, where we used to repair, paint, cut weeds, scratch poison oak and breathe fresh air. Made us feel like it was home. I can almost smell the dried grass and feel the heat and remember the al fresco shower.

Hi, Susan. Are you in Brisbane now?

Susan said...

Hi Aunt Pat - no, we aren't in Brisbane yet. We are still in FNQ trying to sell the house :-)

I loved those walls Grandpa built at Coarsegold. I remember heaps about that place...

Your wall is looking great out there, T&K. I'm looking forward to seeing the 'special touches' you teased us about a few posts back.

Tom Hurley said...

Susan, special touches yet to come. Maybe I’ll keep some of the brass we’re finding in the quartz and put bits of it here and there.

Tom Hurley said...

hhhorses: I didn't say the truck got that good mileage loaded with gravel. Fully loaded with goose down is what I meant.