Tuesday, April 8

More wall stuff

Yesterday was a marathon of spending on plants, and we didn’t get home till dark. We had gotten gift cards for The Home Depot as a result of cashing in bonus points from American Express, and thought we had to spend the entire amount in one purchase. Turns out that isn’t the case, but we managed to come within three or four dollars. Several large planter pots, six large bags of potting soil, and almost fifty plants absolutely filled the bed of the truck. I had worried that the blast of wind on the freeway and highways would blow all the leaves and flowers off, but they survived very well with only a couple of broken stems and a bunch of flower petals littering the truck bed. The idea for all this extravagance is to stick some plants in pots on the wall itself, plant some behind those pots, and scatter some more up the hill. Most of them are capable of growing really big unless they turn into gopher and rabbit food.

I got started on the project this morning, but early this afternoon some guests arrived who will be here for a few days, so I’m sure we’ll be doing “tour the ranch” duty for awhile. I just hope nobody wants to hike to the corners of the property; the last time I took that hike I decided not to do it again without a helicopter. Our southeast corner is so steep, the fenceposts, which are vertical, have their tops only a couple of feet (60cm) off the ground, instead of five feet (1.5m). You can easily step over the top barbed wire. That is, if you can walk there at all! I guess whoever built that part of the fence planned on having only very short cows.

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