Tuesday, February 12

7,200 bananas?

What do you do with an entire wall of soon-to-be- overripe bananas? I don't feel so bad after squeezing only 500 teensy orange halves today for their precious juice so I can make tons more marmalade. But the remaining skins have to be cut into little strips! Literally thousands of hand-cut pieces that go into the sugary mix and come out as to-die-for marmalade that all our friends will want lots of. My daughter, bless her heart, just opens the jar and eats the stuff without the intermediary benefit of toast or English muffins—and her husband is complicit in the whole scheme. What do I do? Plant another orange tree? Not!

Time to teach others how to make this magical semi-fluid. Maybe I’ll skip the hand cutting and bring out the Cuisinart! Your mouth will never know the difference. But my cutting hand sure will.

1 comment:

Susan said...

I have never seen how they pack bananas before - awesome!

Good idea to pass on the wisdom of the marmalade. Sounds like you need a team of cutters anyways.