Monday, February 25

Cold day? Make soup!

When you heat your house with wood in a stove with a nice flat top, the temptation on a cold windy rainy day is to make soup! The kettle on the left with the foil-covered handles holds a cut-up butternut squash in chicken broth, the little sautĂ© pan has the squash seeds and some raw cashew pieces, and the large pan on the right contains carrots, celery, onions, parsley and garlic cloves in olive oil. After cooking, everything gets tossed into a blender and mushed till it’s all runny. Before serving, toss a glop of sour cream into your bowl and stir in the hot soup. Yum. Of course, now we have to let the stove cool so we can clean off all the spills, but it’s worth it.


HHhorses said...

When the power goes out here, we can't cook with our electric stove, electric oven or microwave, and we can't even boil water with our electric teakettle.

Cooking with wood—what amazing new technology! What will they think of next? You guys are so high-tech out there, we're all jealous!

Tom Hurley said...

Here's another high tech idea: Wrap your fish or hamburger or whatever in foil, wire it to the exhaust manifold of your truck, and drive to Las Vegas! If the meal doesn't cook completely or taste all that good, drop in at a casino and eat in their restaurant.

Tom Hurley said...

Another idea: Collect a bunch of horse manure and dry it out for use as fuel. Very popular in high-tech countries like Bangladesh. Wait…they have cows, don't they?