Sunday, February 10

Not much happened today…

Took the usual break-a-sweat-for-a-mile morning hike up the hill with Karla, fed the barn-sour horse who used to be the world’s greatest but now just hangs around despite the abundant grass, helped Karla wash the dog’s butt so she would be presentable to the vet, whom she has to see tomorrow morning to find out why she’s so stinky and pees uncontrollably (the dog, not Karla), fed the cat despite his killing of the bat last night (no signs of rabies yet, but there’s always hope), did a lot of washing with some of it going out on the clothesline and some into the dryer, ran the water pump for a couple of hours because the sun was bright and we got maybe 10 kilowatt hours of power off the solar panels, made the fish fountain water not splash so much by adding sharp edges to the outlets of the troughs that the water pours from between the three levels because I happened to remember a very old TV commercial from the fifties for a wine that touted its “dripless pouring” as a real asset (gotta drink that wine; it doesn’t run down the neck of the bottle when you stop pouring, but wine like that you don’t bother to put in a glass anyway — just chug from the bottle because it’s cheap and you’re a drunk), tried to fix the outside temperature sensor so it reads in our indoor monitor by replacing its batteries but found out that rain got inside and may have rotted everything out so I don’t know what to do so I put it in a warm place to dry it out and hope that works, lamenting the fact that I used to maintain complex radars on the biggest ship in the whole United States Navy but that was when vacuum tubes were king and transistors were just being introduced and now not even transistors can be seen because everything is on only one chip that nobody can fix, just replace.

Other than that, not much happened today.

Photo: USS Enterprise, Northrup Grumman Newport News Shipyard

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HHhorses said...

Ger Ger is SO still the World's Most Perfect Horse! Even if he does take advantage of the fact that he gets fed if he looks at you imploringly.