Thursday, February 28

Note to L.L. Bean: Get a proofreader

Yes, once again ol’ Eagle Eye has detected another faux pas. This is part of an ad that appears in a full-page layout on page 27 of the October 2007 Scientific American magazine. When I was in elementary school, one of my teachers told a story about a kid who was going to be in an upcoming spelling bee. He had a problem with one word, the one that’s giving ol’ Bean a problem. In the story the student was told, “Remember, there is a rat in that word.” Needless to say, he won the spelling bee. Can you find the word that needs a rat?

This blog took only about five minutes to put together. But I have spent almost three hours trying to get the nice folks at Google/Blogger to accept its submission. I used two computers to try to find out if it is a problem at my end, but both of them were ineffective. Time for them to make things work, methinks.


hhhorses said...

A simple spell check would have found their rat! How embarrassing.

Susan said...

I find more and more mispelled words in all sorts of publications these days. Even I'm not as good at spelling as I used to be, but.

Or grammar. That neither.