Saturday, February 9

In praise of smog

Unfortunately, Blogger doesn’t do the best job of capturing subtlety in color when you upload a photo. The colors in this picture are deep and rich and could only happen if you have either a recent volcanic explosion or Good Old Smog. The weather around here has calmed down so the valley can fill with pollution and give us those rosy orange-y rich sunset colors that we all love so much. I just happened to walk outside and had to dash back inside to grab the camera and set its speed to highest then dash back out and grab this shot of the crescent moon and the wonderful silhouettes of bare tree branches and two of our three links to the outside world, the satellite TV and the satellite Internet dishes on the roof. The third link is an actual land-line telephone; we don’t get cellular here.

Not much happened here today, except the bat woke up this evening and started flying around in the house. Last night a bat got in the house and I guess he spent the night with us. The cat, normally a lazy beast, spotted the bat and somehow caught and maimed it. I can only hope that the bat had rabies and bit the cat.


Susan said...

Nice sunset. Too bad about the bat and cat war.

Hope you've now finished jarring your marmalade and didn't get spiked in the process.

Interesting shots of strange things in the universe.

I think I liked the hummingbird facts the best but you have to remember I am a bird watcher now thanks to Aunt Pat :-)

Tom Hurley said...

I guess you have to remember how hummingbirds look, since you don't have them in Australia. I remember how fascinated your daughter Liz was when she first saw one at our place. Do the parrots in Brisbane still get up and start squawking at 4:30 in the morning?

Susan said...

I have always loved hummingbirds from the moment I first saw one when I was a kid in New Idria, from memory. I got to see them till I was about 8 then again when I was about 14 in Spokane.

Yes, Liz loved the hummingbirds, didn't she? And yes, the parrots not only squawk at 4am in Brisbane but in every Australian place I have ever lived, whether it is fine weather or tumbling down with rain like it is now. Guess it's in the genes....