Sunday, February 17

Gargantuan Wall of Tom’s Many Awards

How do you withdraw your name from nomination for the Nobel Blogging Prize? Please tell me if you know, because today was the day for cleaning and dusting my many awards on the “Gargantuan Wall of Tom’s Many Awards” we have in the house, and frankly after a couple hours of polishing and dusting, I was bushed. I almost fell off the ladder a couple of times as I reached way too far out for my beer that I had placed in the only tiny empty space on one of the shelves. As I get older, I am going to be less able to put in the time at this now-weekly chore. The Nobel will obviously take a prominent place on this wall which means I will have to shift everything else to the left or right, maybe even up or down a shelf, depending on how large the case with the medal is. That in itself could consume a whole week, which would cut into blogging time, thus diminishing the value of the award which is only given to those who blog at least every other day. Friends have told me that the cash award that comes with the prize would enable me to hire someone to dust and polish my awards, but to me that’s like hiring someone to care for your children in their formative years. And I might have to completely remove the fading, torn, out-of-focus black-and-white picture of ten-year-old me shaking hands with President Eisenhower in Courthouse Park in Fresno in the early 1950s before he got elected (yes, I knew him when). Of course, I could commission the building of a whole other Gargantuan Wall of Tom’s Many Awards, II. That may be the solution—we could free up some space in our gigantic storage building by taking all the lesser awards that are packed away in boxes up there and putting them on the new Wall. I do like that old picture of Ike and me.

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Susan said...

Ha ha! I can just see you polishing and dusting your award wall!

Thanks for the coment on my blog. Yes, I think your frog could eat my frog easily. Lucky they are continents apart or I might have had to stitch my frog a suit of frog armour.....