Saturday, February 23

Take one horse, add rain…

This is a picture of the left shoulder of our constant companion at the barn, Geronimo, The World’s Greatest Horse. (Also our most barn sour.) When it rains, horse hair does a very interesting thing. You would never know there was so much curl just waiting to be released by wetting it. The actual color is much richer than what you see here; a lot redder. This photo kind of reminds me of the 7200 Bananas on a Wall.

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Susan said...

Well I never. I am amazed that horses have curly hair when it is wet. Good shot.

Yes, some of the zoo pictures you commetned abotu were taken at Steve Irwin's zoo, and also at the Woolshed, I think. You and Hilary were definitely there. And my memory is also faulty - one pic had 'Alma Park Zoo' on it and they were all together in one packet, so I assumed they were all from there without really thinking about it.

Good thing we can jog each other's memories!!