Sunday, February 10

A barn sour frog?

In case you’re not aware, the term barn sour refers to a horse or mule that wants to return to the barn because that’s where the food is. Is there such a thing as a barn sour frog? Clarence just showed himself after he digested his last big hit on a moth I gave him several days ago. I don’t know where he hides between his big scores, but he shows up, usually at night, when he’s looking a little skinny. Do we have another cat here? Cats are complacent when they’re fed, but when the stomach cries out, they get really obnoxious. Same for dogs and horses. A frog would really have to work at it to become obnoxious since they’re all soft and squishy and can’t really threaten you in any way since they only have teeth in their upper jaws and those teeth aren’t really all that toothy.

I really like wild animals because they’re so independent and get through life in their own way without human help. But when a wild animal moves in to your house, it starts to show a lack of that independence, and resembles a dog or cat or other human-made dependent beast. I never thought that a frog that wasn’t cooped up in a terrarium would become human dependent, but Clarence is starting to look that way.

You’re falling in my esteem, froggie. I still like you, but you’d better start clearing the house of its usual house flies and kissing bugs and black widow spiders and scorpions and aliens dropping out of their flying saucers and stuff like that or you’re toast, buddy.

Meanwhile, I’ve turned on both porch lights to attract some chow for you. I’ll catch ’em and bring them in. Thanks for the entertainment value anyway.

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Susan said...

Your pet is looking more and more like a killer to me - that moth looks about half as big as he is :shock:

Watch your back, Tom.