Thursday, February 14


I don’t know about you, but whenever I finish a batch of marmalade, I like to take it out and line up the jars on the deck railing and photograph them then open the picture in Photoshop and fiddle with it. It’s just an old family tradition, I guess. Before Photoshop, we used to have to airbrush all the strange colors onto each glass, then put Vaseline petroleum jelly on the lens of the ol’ box Brownie and hope the picture came out the way we wanted it. Before photography came along sometime in the 1840s, my ancestors would make an oil painting, then hide it in the attic and hope the house burned down before anyone saw it and accused them of being weird. I don’t think it’s weird, do you?


Susan said...

No weirder than using Vanishing Cream and talcum powder on my parents to make them appear and disappear. I guess your idea of 'weird' depends a bit on your upbringing.

Photoshop is great. I just Photoshopped a few pics yesterday cos I didn't like the colour blouse I was wearing, so guess I must belong to this family.

Your jars look great too.

Tom Hurley said...

Thanks so much for the compliment. I'll have to try that vanishing cream and talcum powder on the cat.