Monday, February 25

More thoughts on earthquakes

A few entries back, I said I’d try to think up some earthquake-related ideas for you. I just got one. If you’re planning to do some painting around the house, have the color and kind of paint already decided on. After an earthquake occurs, hurry off to the paint store and buy the paint you need. It will be pre-shaken! You’ll save the time you would normally waste waiting for the can jiggling machine to stir the paint while you wait. Saves all that finger-drumming and sighing. I’m sure I can think of some more really good ideas. Stay tuned.

Oh, wait. I just remembered they have to shake the paint after they add the color. All right, then. Forget the color; buy white paint. Whew! Almost blew that one!

Oh, wait. I just got another thought. Go to the paint store before the earthquake, order the color you want, and while they’re mixing it, sneak out of the store, wait for the quake, then return. On second thought, that’s not really too smart either, is it?

Oh, wait. I just got the final answer. Go in after the first earthquake, order the color you want, then go home while they’re adding the color. Wait for the inevitable aftershocks, which will stir the paint for you. Sure saves time!

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Susan said...

You know, I had never thought of earthquakes as being useful before. I was always distracted by that other little thing, the thought of imminent death or destruction happening. It's fascinating to read about all the potential uses of them. Thanks for the heads up.