Thursday, May 1

What if…?

I was just wondering…what if all these little critters were males instead of females? Would they be called uncles?

Ha ha. You know things are pretty dull when I have to revert to abysmally bad puns. But today was a day of unloading two cubic yards (1.5 cubic meters) of ground-up tree (mulch) onto our olive trees, which is hardly anything to write about. We will need another five or six yards to finish the job, it seems. Tomorrow is another day of visiting our two big cities: Oakhurst and Fresno. In Oakhurst Karla will get her coiff refurbed. In Fresno I’ll pick up a GPS unit so we can navigate the complexities of the San Francisco Bay Area in order to attend a memorial service on Saturday, then find our way back home. Or we could buy a map. Naah.

When I return to Oakhurst from Fresno, I pick up another two yards of mulch. Man oh man. When will the excitement end? I can hardly stand it.


Pete S. said...

Please let us know what model GPS receiver you get and how you like it. I've been looking for one that works well for both auto navigation and hiking. There is no obvious best pick, so I'm still looking. (On paper, the Garmin Colorado would seem to be the one, but user reports say it's horrible).

Tom Hurley said...

My choice of products is limited by what Costco carries when I’m in a hurry. I got the Garmin nüvi 680. So far it’s smart and cool. Tomorrow it gets its first real-world test. Cost: $400. Supposed MSRP is over $800. Yeah right.