Thursday, May 15

Well, I tried…

After spending nearly an hour trying to upload the photo for today’s blog, and Google’s overwhelmed-ness and inability to accept the photo, I give up.

I’m going to have to start blogging on a site that I actually pay for. Then I can complain if it doesn’t work. I think Blogger, Google’s blog site, is simply overwhelmed with customers. The Google staff seems to consist of what they call “Starters” instead of “Maintainers.” Starters get excited about making something new, but get bored when it comes time to keep it working. Google didn’t invent Blogger; they simply bought it when it seemed to be a potential profit center. They do little to make it truly workable for the users. So I may be migrating. Soon. I’ll let you know if these inabilities to post in a timely manner continue.

Meanwhile, just imagine what I could have posted about ants being superior to termites!

Update: I got it done! See above posting, Ants rule; termites drool.

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