Sunday, May 25

How did they know?

In my May 23 post about there being so many holes everywhere, I included a picture of one of the mosquito nurseries that dot this place. As I was taking the picture shown above, something stirred in my dim memory…something was familiar. After mulling it over for a couple of days, I turned to the Internet and called up a picture of some distant galaxies that I had seen years ago. Sure enough, there’s a match!

Here I have superimposed the galaxies onto the holes—a perfect match!

Here they are in their neighborhood of other galaxies. Now for the obvious question: How did they know?

Photo(s): NASA: HST Hubble Ultra Deep Field


Susan said...

Duh, maybe the mosquitoes are advanced species of aliens who plan to take over the Earth! Maybe they are just waiting for the right moment to swarm us and bite us into submission! Did you think of that??

That does it. I'm getting a mosquito net TODAY.

Pat said...

whoa! I rushed down the hall to check the only photo we have of the Hubble Deep Field Survey. Not being able to cart the computer screen with me, I was unable to verify that particular cluster with your Indian grinding holes (a.k.a. mosquito breeding holes), so I took our photo off the wall and checked it out. Phooey It was pretty darn close, but not the same. You sure have a keen picture memory.

What really worries me, Susan, is your theory---just something more to keep me awake at night.

Pat said...

Tom, are you yanking our chains? I know that you (and I mean YOU in the real sense) are very adept at, shall we say, altering things, especially on a computer. And altering the prehistoric universe would be just up your alley.

dubious Pat -- so undubi me.

Susan said...

Sorry for keeping you awake at night over this, Aunt Pat, but maybe it's for the best. I'd never forgive myself if you were sleeping peacefully and an alien mosquitoe invasion took place when I knew you needed to know and yet did nothing about it....