Friday, May 2


End road work? Why? End poverty, hunger, war, badd grammer and speling. But not road work. What makes these signs even more strange, they’re put up by the people who actually work in road construction! Are they trying to eliminate their own jobs?


Susan said...

Here, here. Jolly good post. Should be more of it.

You are always reminding me of things. Once my mother left me in a 'no standing' zone with my three brothers and sisters and about ten large paper bags of groceries, with strict instructions to wait till she brought the car around to us. When I noticed the 'no standing' sign, of course I was shocked and moved us and the groceries away. When Mom showed up with the car she had a hard time finding us.

I was so shocked she would do that to us. Imagine having a Mom that encouraged her children to behave illegally and stand in a 'no standing' zone.

It affected my whole developmental process.

Tom Hurley said...

I think I would have simply sat down.

Susan said...

Ah, the beauty of wisdom in hindsight!