Sunday, May 18

Spring roundup!

Annie expresses her delight at the taste of intestinal worm paste. Or maybe it’s her impression of a chimpanzee.

By mid-morning on Saturday, we started the inoculations (tetanus, rabies, strangles, West Nile virus, encephalitis, Potomac fever, and more), dental checkups, overall health checkups, and hoof trimming. The neighbors from far and wide came to see 36 horses run through the mill. Turns out we had 36 people, too.

Frank the farrier gives an expert pedicure (manicure for the front feet).

Mike the vet reached into Geronimo’s mouth and found a walnut. Not really; it’s a rotten old tooth that came out with a very gentle tug.

By day’s end, this pile of used syringes grew to about a hundred.

Lunch was a welcome break, with barbecued tri-tips, potato salad, tons (tonnes) of fruit and veggies, cakes, cookies and every kind of cold drink. It was almost hard to go back to work and watching. Next year I think it will be an even bigger party.

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Susan said...

I hope you have recovered from your roundup! Sounds like it could have been a lot of fun as well as a lot of work. Those marinated tri-tip steaks and potato salad sure sounded tempting. I couldn't smell them cooking. I guess the northern and southern hemispheres really do have different atmospheres after all.