Friday, May 30

New tool

When I started this blog, I would compose the words on the little computer, a 15" MacBook Pro, do the picture processing on the middle computer because its monitor (22", 56cm) was the most color-accurate, then send the finished product to Blogger. Yesterday a new computer was added to the mix, the one on the right. It’s an iMac 24" with lots of bells and whistles (2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4 GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, 320 GB SATA hard drive), and a three-year phone support and repair warranty. I’ll be using it for both words and pictures. The other computers will go to the high ranch and be used for other stuff.

The most remarkable thing about Apple products is their ease of use. I simply plugged the new computer in, hooked it to the small computer with a Firewire (IEEE 1394) cable, and held down the T key on the small one as it booted up. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) on the little one transferred to the new one in a couple of hours—programs, files, everything! Amazing. Only one corrupted file didn’t make it. The computer immediately found the Wi-Fi signal in the house and connected to the Internet and told Apple that I was the owner and that was it. It told me that there was new software available, then connected and downloaded and installed it while I watched. Amazing. I wonder if it washes dishes.

So, my life changes a bit. On my small laptop, I could scan from side to side with just eye movement. On the new biggie, I actually have to move my head, which will put more wear on the neck bones. Or I could push the screen away, but then why have a big screen? Besides the exercise will prevent unsightly neck fat that comes with sedentariness.


Pete S. said...

If you hold a mirror up to the new computer, it could take a picture of itself!

Susan said...

Ha ha! Oh and don't make the mistake of thinking the CD/DVD drive is a newfangled coffee cup holder - though there is probably a space for one on your Mac somewhere.

Tom Hurley said...

Pete: Same for the little computer.

Susan: Macs haven't had drawers for CD/DVDs for years. They're all slot-loaders. Do I just pour the coffee into the slot?

Susan said...

Mmmmffff!!! Let me know what happens if you DO pour coffee in the slot.

I have never laid eyes on a Mac over here. It's a Bill Gates' world. It would be a cultural shock to me if my PC didn't have a cup holder.

Tom Hurley said...

Susan: One more thing—in the picture the screen you see is the entire computer. You plug it into the wall socket for power, plug in the keyboard, plug the mouse into the keyboard, and that’s it! The display and computer are all together. And if you want to, you can run Windows programs on it. And Linux. And Unix. and Solaris. And…Watch out Bill Gates!

Susan said...

That's amazing - your new computer performs wonderfully. I like it a lot, even without seeing it in real life.

Colin wants to know if you sit on a chair while you are typing? It could explain why the knees on your jeans wear out if you aren't sitting on a chair but are kneeling instead.