Tuesday, May 13

Valley population increases by six

Today the last of the Furnace Creek people, horses, and dogs arrived at the Ahwahnee ranch. So the riding stable in Death Valley is closed for the season, and we’ll soon be opening the ranch in the High Sierra.

Luke rides Shadow, leading his horse, Heston. Hilary lets Sioux, the famous mascot of Blind Dog Coffee Roasters, and Sallie, a not-yet famous but probably soon dog out of the truck after an eight hour trip. All six are welcome and we’re celebrating with a nice dinner of tacos tonight.


Susan said...

I love photos like this! I hope you all have a great time together.

Did you know they are making a movie of the life story of William Gaines, creator of Mad comic books?

Tom Hurley said...

I LOVED Mad comics! When they were new back in the early 1950s, I bought every one. They cost a dime. They had Will Elder, Wallace Wood, Jack Davis, simply the most creative and crazy artists in comic history. The stories were totally iconoclastic, which matched my mindset at that time. And now, for that matter. When they became a "magazine," they lost a whole lot. The cheap comics were never matched by the magazine.

Susan said...

I remember that you liked Mad comics because they were the usual reading material kept in Grandpa and Grandma's outhouse. I used to study the wierd drawings and puzzle over the jokes, being too young to really understand most of them at the (USA, daylight hours only) time.