Sunday, May 25

ReDiscover ReCaptcha

When I hit the return key, my count went to 1600 words. I had forgotten about ReCaptcha for awhile, and did a 150-word stint today. The neat thing about it is they keep track so when you go back, you have your previous score there to add to. Bookmark it. Great time-killer, and perhaps a bit more mind-building than Solitaire.
Or perhaps not.


Pete S. said...

It's fun playing with Recaptcha! But considering that they are trying to recover unintelligible bits of text, it's ironic that they make some otherwise recoverable words impossible to read by adding yet more corruption.

Especially troublesome is the wavy horizontal line they put through almost every word. For example, the horizontal line makes the word "llamas" indistinguishable from "Hamas" and "lit" indistinguishable from "lit-" (the first part of a hyphenated "literature").

Tom Hurley said...

Yes, that line through the word hardly helps. As for obscuring a hyphen, I'm not sure they're worried about subtleties like that because all of our input probably goes through a human referee.