Thursday, May 22


While Karla was on the phone with the county straightening out how we can be even more legal with our fuel storage tanks at the lake and filling out a stack of forms, and Hilary updated a plot map of our Forest Service lease land at the same lake, I cleaned out the fish fountain and photographed all the various displays on our solar power controller in order to make a checklist of how to use the various functions in case I’m not available. As if to say, “I want to do something real,” Hilary donned the hard hat with a face mask and ear protectors, fired up the string trimmer and mowed down another acre (0.4 hectare) of weeds up by the olive trees. It’s nice to live where you can balance the picky nasty bureaucrat-pleasing junk we’re buried in with some stompin’ kick-butt real activity! Keeps you healthy, physically at least.

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